Friday, April 4, 2008

Ban smoking in public places

In the UAE, most people are smokers. Some people believe that the smoking should be banned in all public places in Abu Dhabi while many are opposed to it. This essay will examine the pros and cons of is smoking in the public places in Abu Dhabi and is the government have to banned it.

There are several arguments in favor of smoking. First argument is that smoking helps to relax people and to improve their concentration. For example many people like to smoke after the food or when they discuss something. Also some people need cigarettes before an exam because they feel it will increase their concentration. Another thing a lot of people will lose their jobs. There are thousands of people work in the tobacco factories and shops and if we ban the cigarettes they will lose the jobs and the factory owners will lose their money. People also argue that the smokers should have the right place to smoke not in any place to let the other breath fresh air.

However, there are many far more convincing arguments against the smoking. The first point is that the smoking is enormously dangerous. Most people know that the causative of Heart disease, bronchitis and lung cancer is the smoking. Another point is that the second hand smoking. For instance, when you smoke at your home you will affect your family. Also in your job the no one wants to sit with you in same office. Finally, the smokers can not be able to do hard job because they feel tired more than normal person.

In conclusion, smoking has both advantages for smokers and disadvantages for people. However, I strongly believe that the government should be banned in public places in Abu Dhabi because we need to have fresh air in these places.


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samia hussain said...

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